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make yourself at home by browsing through a community full of amazing runners. Be inspired by great stories, find handy running hacks and never feel like a lone wolf again...this community makes you part of something greater

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Pay it forward to your fellow runners by gifting them some gear off their wishlist to help them achieve their 2020 running goals

The Run Fund

We believe in the power of paying it forward so much, that we have created the run fund as a way for the eager beavers out there to start gifting gear before pass the baton even goes live!

  • by signing up to the pass the baton waitlist above, you'll be entered into the run fund lottery

  • donate the price of a coffee (£3) to the coffers (a.k.a the run fund)

  • all money donated will be used to buy and send the first batch of running gear to a randomly selected group of runners on the sign-up list


Our Mission

At pass the baton we believe that it takes a community to raise a runner. Coaches, physios, friends, family and of course, your fellow runners all make up the runner you eventually become.

Pass the baton is on a mission to create a community of runners that keep you motivated, hold you accountable, provide you with the best running tips, most inspiring stories and every so often, gift you some amazing gear. We want to do the heavy lifting for you.

We don't care about breaking records here (of course we'd love you to!)...we just want to help you show up in the first place, be consistent and ultimately be the best runner you can be.

and me...

In truth, the big reason I’m building this is for myself - I've been in a running rut for far too long with one niggly injury after feels like I've hit a runners wall without actually doing any running and know I need, rather selfishly, all the help I can get to become the runner I want to be.

I also want to make running more accessible to people. Strava and the like, while great platforms for some, are incredibly alienating to others - times, pb's, segments, trend analysis is scary and intimidating. While I'm all for runners getting faster and fitter, that shouldn't be the only thing that is celebrated. This is why I believe a more welcoming space for existing and new runners is needed; one where it is ok to just go for a run, whether that be a marathon or a morning dash to the train station.


Would love to hear any feedback or questions you have down below!

All updates on pass the baton will be posted on our twitter feed below - keep a look out!